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Description Capabilities
Product Range

1 - 30 layers circuit board (PCB)s (Automatic quoting to 12 layers)
Base Material

FR-4 Glass Epoxy laminate High Frequency PTFE(Teflon) Aluminum Base Material Copper Base Material Thick Copper Halogen-Free Arlon Rogers CEM-1 CEM-3 Ceramics Flexible Rigid-flex
Major Laminate

King Board (KB-6150/60), ShengYi (S1141, S1170)
Surface Finish Treatment Flash gold (Electrolytic),
Chemical Gold
Hot Air Leveling (=HAL-Tin/Lead),
Hot Air Leveling (Lead- Free, RoHS),
Gold Fingers (30ยต")
Via Holes

Copper PTH / Blind Via / Buried Via / HDI 2+N+2 with IVH

Impedance l Control Tol.

+/-10% +/-5%
Solder Mask

Liquid Photo-image (LPI)


CNC Routing, V-cutting, Punching, Push Back Punching, Connector chamfering

Max. Board Size.

500 x 1000mm (20x40 inch)
Min. Board Thickness.

0.4mm (2 layers) / 0.4mm (4 layers) / 0.9mm(8 layers) / 1.2mm (10 layers) / 1.3mm (12 layers) / 1.5mm (14 layers) / 1.7mm (16 layers) / 1.8mm / 2.0 mm (18 layers) / 2.2mm (20 layers) / 2.4mm ( 22 layers) / 2.6mm (24 layers)
Copper Foil Thickness

18um / 35um / 70um ~ 245um (outerlayer:0.5oz~7oz)
18um / 35um / 70um ~ 210um (innerlayers:0.5oz~6oz)
Min. Via Size and Type

Dia. 0.15mm (Finished);

Aspect Ratio <= 10
Min. Line width & Spacing

0.10 mm / 0.10 mm (4 mil./ 4 mil.)
Minimum via hole size and pad

via: dia. 0.2mm / pad: dia. 0.4mm
Minimum hole tolerance

+/-0.05mm(NPTH), +/-0.076mm(PTH)
Hole wall to Conductor

Hole to Hole Edge Gap

Minimum Tooling Hole Diameter

Minimum Legend Line width

Dimensional Tolerance

Punching:+/-0.1mm;PTH(+/-0.076mm) by drilling; NPTH(+/-0.05mm) by drilling; NPTH(+/-0.1mm) by punching; Remark: 6.0mm hole tolerance by routing is +/-0.13mm
Other Dimensions

Outline tolerance:+/-0.13mm for routing; +/-0.15mm for punching
Minimum Annular Ring

Inner layer: / Outer layer: - Component holes: 0.13mm Via holes: 0.076mm
Copper Thickness / Minimum Trace Width & Spacing
0.5oz/0.15mm, 1oz/0.15mm, 2oz/0.2mm, 4oz/0.38mm
Minimum SMT Pitch

Minimum Soldermask Dam

Double sided: 0.25mm
Multilayer: 0.25mm
Minimum Soldermask opening

Double sided: pad width 0.1mm Multilayer: 0.075mm
Copper to Board Edge Gap

Copper to Hole Gap

Minimum Void/Thermal Gaps

0.2mmX0.2mm or (diameter=0.5mm)
Acid Trap Closed


500,000 square feet (Month)
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